The Truth About Weight Loss Pills

The entire process of weight loss is tiring and boring. It requires an extensive amount of work, and the results take too long to appear. A normal person would eat less but healthy, stay active.

However, certain things can take away this long process. With the help of such shortcuts, you achieve the results in less than half the duration. The things that are under consideration are weight loss pills.

The majority of the weight loss supplements claim that you do not have to do anything extra.

Just take the pills, do not exercise or diet, and Voila, you will get what you wish for. This just sounds too good to be true. But, these do work.

The Fat Burners

Fat burners are work by stimulating the central nervous system that agitates it. This causes a reduction in appetite. Hence, the body starts burning the fat to produce energy.

The main components of fat burners are stimulants, such as caffeine or willow bark. Some of the pills even include synthetic stimulants such as hydroxycitric acid.

The use of several stimulants in one single formulation helps to achieve an additive effect. A larger variety of stimulants means that the body loses weight more rapidly.

Nevertheless, this often harms the body. An increase in the fat-burning ability also tends to weaken the body. In the end, you will feel your energy draining away.

However, this does not mean that these fat burners do not work. They do work and even more effectively in combination with exercise.

Nevertheless, consumers must use these pills for a shorter duration. Because in case you consume these for a longer duration, there are dire effects on the body.

Additionally, no one would want to suffer from a high pulse rate and blood pressure or even stroke.

The Fat Blockers

Fat blockers mainly comprise of Orlistat. A pharmacologically active ingredient that prevents the body from absorbing fat.

The pharmaceutical ingredient is available commercially after the 1990s. The brand name for this ingredient is Xenical.

It was initially added to fat-free potato chips. However, fat blockers are also not devoid of side effects.

People consuming these chips had the same effects as the diet pills with orlistat. The side effect was somewhat gross, but people went with it because of the benefits.

The fat blockers did not allow the body to absorb fat. However, the fat had to go somewhere in the body. Hence, the side effect was an anal discharge with an oily consistency.

People also report symptoms of diarrhea and abdominal gases. Furthermore, people also became deficient in oil-based vitamins such as Vitamin A and D.

Since these two vitamins are oil-based, these supplements did not allow their absorption as well. But, the truth be told fat blocker does help to lose weight.

To reduce the side effect, people can focus on consuming a less calorie diet.

The Anti-Obesity Prescription Medications

Certain medications in the market are only available on a doctor’s prescription. Doctors only prescribe this medication to patients who have a BMI of over 27.

Doctors also consider other medical conditions when referring to these weight loss medicines.

These pills are often also referred to as medical devices, for example. There are weight loss pills that swell up inside your stomach by absorbing fibers. Hence, this is how you will feel full after eating the pills.

Carbohydrate blockers also come under the umbrella term of medical devices. That is because they stop the carbohydrates from breaking down into sugars.

Then there are fat binders that stick to the fat in foods and takes the form of a gel in the stomach. It prevents the stomach from absorbing the fatty content.

The regulations for medical devices are different from those for supplements. The European Union legislation assesses and categorizes medical devices.

They are not assessed as other pharmaceutical supplements. They have to pass trial phases before making it to the commercial market. But, they are also not liable to the food safety act.

Therefore, they do not have to adhere to the requirements of food supplements.

The Online Frauds

The danger in online trading of weight loss pills is confusing. Over the last six years, MHRA has seized 5 million pounds worth of counterfeit weight loss pills. Some of the pills are even responsible for the death of 16 individuals.

According to a news report by BBC in 2019, these pills did not contain any ingredient information. Furthermore, they did not have any dosage instructions.

Upon investigation, there were anti-depressants and laxatives in the pills. What is more shocking was the fact that it even contained banned ingredients.

Moreover, these pills were easily available on Instagram. It is one of the most well-known social media platforms.

The Unavoidable Side Effects

In 2015, a twelve stone man died in the UK due to an overdose of slimming pills. These pills had caffeine equal to three hundred cups of coffee. News like this is quite common in today’s world.

People die trying to lose weight. They are not aware of the side effects of overconsumption. Not many people will tell you that these side effects are deadly.

This is because our bodies metabolize at an optimum level. Interfering with these mechanisms by weight loss pills often has several complications.

Most prominently, people suffer from cardiac complications and sometimes death.

The side effects are not limited to prescription weight loss supplements. People even die from consuming weight loss pills that are available over the counter.

Ingredients such as Capsaicin in cayenne pepper also help in losing weight. They have the potential to produce deadly effects at maximum doses.

The Takeaway

Now that you know most of the truth about weight loss pills, would you take the risk? The reality is that there are certain dire consequences to the consumption of these pills.

They are not always bad. However, one must know that these are not easy ways out. Do not overwork your body by consuming the pills.

Think about other concomitant exercises and diet programs.

It is the only possible and safe solution to gaining health and fit. So next time you think about losing weight, know about the consequences.

This way, you can make an aware decision that has the potential to change your life drastically.

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