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10 Best Weight Loss and Fat Burning Exercises

You are probably looking for ways to work out. The weight loss journey is not an easy one to take.

People follow regimens and plan to achieve what they want to look like. Exercising is one of the typical weight loss plans that are a part of the weight loss journey.

However, not every sweaty workout will help you to lose weight. Each exercise has its role and purpose. Therefore, selecting the right type is crucial.

Because if you are doing the wrong exercise, then nothing good will come out of it. To makes things easy for you, we have made a list of the ten best activities.

These exercises will help you to burn those stubborn fat deposits and lose weight.

#1. Interval Training

Weight Loss Exercises - Interval Training

Interval training is the regimen of choice when it comes to losing weight. For those of you who are unaware of what it is, let me explain it to you.

Interval training is an exercise wherein your heart rates go up and down repeatedly.

By definition, you do challenging, rigorous exercise for a set time and then go into active rest. You can then repeat the cycle.

One example of interval training is High-intensity interval training (HIIT). Another example of interval training is cycling indoors.

Cycling indoors requires the incorporation of several muscles all at once. These include the quads, hamstrings, and core. All of which help you in achieving weight loss.

#2. Running

Weight Loss Exercises - Running

Running is another effective exercise to lose weight. If you cannot run, you can also jog as an alternative. This is because of the minor difference between both types of exercises.

Jogging is around four to six miles per hour. On the other hand, running is faster than six miles per hour.

Various studies suggest that jogging and running both help in burning visceral fat. This is the fat around the belly region of the body.

It has a link to the development of chronic conditions. These include diabetes and coronary heart disease. If you wish to jog or run, you can start with twenty to thirty-minute sessions thrice a week.

#3. Jump Rope

Weight Loss Exercises - Jump Rope

We all jumped rope during our school years. But, back then, we were not aware of the benefits that it possesses. Rope jumping is a workout that helps to burn calories.

A half an hour session of jumping ropes can burn up to 318 calories.

When a person jumps rope, their body goes into a full-body workout. It involves your quad muscles and the gluteus muscles.

It helps to strengthen your core muscles. However, jumping rope requires minimal movement of the arms and shoulders. It improves the balance as well as coordination of the body.

#4. Weight Training

Weight Loss Exercises - Weight Training

Weight training is another popular choice among people who wish to lose weight. Weight training helps in building up the strength of the body.

Furthermore, it helps increase the resting metabolic rate of the body. This rate defines the number of calories that you burn while at rest.

It is advisable to add weight training to your exercise routine at least thrice a week. However, before starting with weight training, learn about its basics.

This training regime helps in building the muscle mass of the body. It will increase your capacity to lift weight in the next session.

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#5. Swimming

Weight Loss Exercises - Swimming

If you are not into running, jogging, or crazy gym workouts, then choose swimming. Swimming is for all those who do not wish to put a strain on their joints.

An exercise has a low impact on the muscles. It is best for those who want to lose weight but cannot do so because of an injury to their joints.

According to a study, an hour-long swimming session a week dramatically helps reduce body fat. It also helps in the prevention of several cardiovascular diseases.

#6. Yoga

Weight Loss Exercises - Yoga

Yoga is a popular form of weight loss and fat-burning exercise. An extra benefit of yoga is that it aids in relieving stress.

Yoga is not much of a weight loss exercise, but it can burn a fair amount of calories. The majority of the gyms offer classes for yoga.

However, the gym is not necessary for practicing yoga. You can do yoga from the comfort of your home.

It helps in achieving balance and helps in the promotion of functional strength. Furthermore, it also helps in providing you with mental health as well.

#7. Boxing

Weight Loss Exercises - Boxing

Boxing is a great way to burn fat, sculpt your muscles, and helps in relieving stress as well. It is another form of interval training.

When looking for boxing exercises, you can choose kickboxing. It helps to drive the power from your legs and your arms.

Hence, this makes it a practical exercise that involves the entire body.

#8. Pilates

Weight Loss Exercises - Pilates

Pilates is the type of exercise that you can perform in the comfort of your own home. It does not even need special equipment.

All you need is a simple mat, and you are good to go. It involves a series of movements and exercises that work to stabilize the core muscles.

This exercise routine may look easy. Nevertheless, it involves a lot of technique that requires precision. It has physical benefits as well, such as a reduction of backache.

#9. Tabata

Weight Loss Exercises - Tabata

Tabata is high-intensity interval training that needs only four minutes of your time.

The basic structure of Tabata includes a strenuous workout session of 20 seconds and a rest session of 10 seconds. Repeat these in eight rounds.

You can perform any exercise during the workout session. It can include push-ups or even squats.

#10. Zumba

Weight Loss Exercises - Zumba

Zumba is one of the fun ways to lose weight and burn fat. This is for all those who think that working in a routine is not their type.

Zumba is like a dance. It involves movements that incorporate exercise with dance steps. It helps to lose calories and helps in relieving stress.

After the routine ends, you will feel your energy levels reaching high and want to do more.


Plenty of great choices are available that help you to lose weight. You can start with basic routines such as jogging or rope jumping.

Then gradually increase your routines to more complex ones. It is better if you mix and match the weight loss routines. This way, your body will not be able to figure out your next move.

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