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Running workouts you should be doing regularly

Did you know that running is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the US, with an avid fan base of millions? While there are lots of different running workouts that you could do, the following are hand-picked as the ones you should be doing as often as possible.

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The Wisest Warm-ups

As any serious fitness enthusiast knows, warm-up processes are essential for good running workouts. The best kinds of warm-ups are the ones that get the body prepared for a challenging routine. Taking inspiration from the hugely popular and wildly effective High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) used by newbies and novices alike, the wisest running warm-up requires brief periods of brisk walking followed by sprint-like maneuvers a period of about four rounds. Do this regularly and prime your body for maximum fitness. Oh, and don’t forget to cool down when your run is done!

Climb the Ladder to an Ideal Physique

All significant tasks can be likened to climbing a ladder – you must start at the bottom and work your way up.  One of the best running workouts just so happens to embody this fact of life, and it is considered perfect enough to be done regularly.  Begin by running at a quick pace for only a minute before slowing back down for around 30 seconds. 

how often to run

Next, up the ante by quickening your steps for two minutes before you slow back down for your 30-second break.  Keep doing this until you are running for 5 minutes or more.  Don’t worry if it takes you a while to work up to that level.  Ladders sometimes take time to climb.

Experiment with the Variations

Conveniently, there are several ways in which you can formulate your running workouts by using pieces of ones you already like.  For example, combine the ladder technique with uphill running for more of a challenge.  Or, you could always turn your wise warm-up into a full-fledged workout by intensifying the time you sprint in between your periods of walking.  Talk to a fitness trainer if you have specific questions about the safety or technique while performing your chosen running workouts.

The Bottom line

Remember! Getting enough cardio exercise is important to attaining and maintaining optimal health. As such, running workouts should be done on a regular basis if possible. In fact, those who commit to running for at least 20 minutes no less than three times a week are typically in remarkably better shape than those who simply walk.

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how often to run
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