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Can You Follow the 1200 Calorie Diet Plan Recommended by Dr. Nowzaradan

The ‘My 600 lb life’ reality show that was on the TLC network was my favorite show during my teenage years. The show motivated and inspired me because every episode showed someone’s life-changing story and reminded us all that our health should not be taken for granted.

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Dr. Nowzaradan was the lead doctor for the reality show. His diet plan was very effective for weight loss in a lot of people.

The public questioned the ‘my 600 lb life‘ reality show on the TLC network on whether it was real or just acting. Many people did not believe what they saw on the television or heard about the show.

So too in question was the credibility of Dr. Nowzaradan.  People wondered whether the weight loss journeys of these patients were safe or not.

Gaining weight is a lot easier than losing. Losing weight requires a lot of effort, patience, and dedication. Many people try different treatments, medications, life-threatening drugs, and fad diets all in the name of losing those unwanted pounds.

Without professional advice, these methods will only affect the health and mental psychology people have for food, health, and eating habits. The best solution to losing weight and attaining a healthy lifestyle is a balanced diet.

Dr. Now’s diet plan focuses on the intake of food from all food groups necessary for an individual. This diet plan is straightforward to follow, much like the boiled egg diet.

Who is Dr. Nowzaradan?

Dr Nowzaradan 1200 cal diet
Dr. Nowzaradan

Dr. Nowzaradan is from Houston, a region in Texas, America. His heritage is Iranian. His area of expertise is weight reduction treatments like gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgeries. He achieved his medical degree from Tehran University in 1970. He has more than 40 years of experience and has practiced in different hospitals.

Doctor Now specializes in weight loss treatments that are effective long-term. He became famous because of the TLC show “My 600 lb life,” which shows the real-life journey of morbidly obese people who is undergoing a weight loss journey.

Dr. Nowzaradan is a bariatric surgeon and communicates a well-versed weight loss diet regime to his patients.

1200 Calorie Diet Plan

1200 Calorie Diet Plan

Dr. Nowzaradan’s diet plan is a calorie-controlled eating plan for weight loss. According to the plan, the average American intake is 3600 calories per day, which is reduced to 1200 calories per day. This decrement of calories might be very difficult for any patient, but it is not impossible, and it is imperative to lose weight before undergoing bariatric surgery.

It is suggested that people who weigh more than 600 lbs should follow Dr. Now’s diet plan. This 1200-calorie diet plan is best for morbidly obese patients. The main benefit of this diet plan is quick weight loss as the intake of calories is reduced to 1200 per day.

The body starts to burn its excess reserves of fats. The simple formula for this diet plan includes the intake of high proteins and low fats.

Benefits of the Dr Now diet plan

Dr. Nowzaradan’s diet plan is designed to get the patient to lose weight quickly to decrease any risks during surgery. He is known for encouraging his patients to adopt relatively healthier eating habits. Techniques like portion control and time-restricted eating are utilized.

Diet Setup

Recommended breakfast foods for this diet set up embody low-fat foods like turkey and egg whites, both of which are high in protein, even carbs in the form of whole foods are suitable for the body: dish while not dressing, baking, roasting, lean macromolecule grill. Going over three ounces with your meat is not acceptable.

Dinner at night pertains to similar foods. Considering snacks, all of them should be sugar-free and healthy foods and healthy meats. It is tough to follow a diet. However, anyone that World Health Organization sees Dr. Now’s patient thinks it’s worthwhile within the finish.

Foods that You Can Eat:

The diet inspires people to eat healthy foods containing proteins like vegetables; they should eat whole foods, for example, fruits and vegetables and lean meat.  A diet with high vegetable concentration can improve your quality of life and increase immunity.

Vegetables can be filling for the body as they are solids, and at the same time, they do not contain unhealthy calories, which cause people to gain fat. On the other hand, Proteins have been responsible for accelerated tissue recovery after the surgery while also being a filling food for your everyday diet.

However, Carbs are a no-no. Carbs can’t be exempted because of the number of calories they bring.

If you plan on following the 1200 calorie diet, it should be low on carbs and high on proteins. Square measuring your food is the best method.

  • Eggs – may include yolks or could be just whites.
  • Plant-based proteins – bean curd, etc.
  • Different kinds of fish, including sardines, salmon, and mackerel
  • Poultry; chicken and lean beef
  • Vegetables; kale, spinach, broccoli, peppers, and tomatoes
  • Fruits, low in sugar
  • Dairy – cheese, yogurt, and milk
  • Drinks, soft in calories; coffee and green tea

Food to Avoid:

You should not consume certain foods once you start on this diet. For starters, any high sugars and preservative foods are ultimately bad for you. You should avoid energy-dense foods on this diet to restrict yourself to a set amount of calories you can’t stray from.

This is one long list, so be sure to write this down

  • Artificial sweeteners and sugars
  • Breakfast spreads that are rich in sugar, like Nutella
  • Fruits that are rich in sugar, for example, grapes or bananas
  • Processed foods like chips and crackers
  • Nut kinds of butter, like peanut butter or almond butter


Carb-rich foods like pasta or cereal. Even potatoes are not exempt

Vegetables that are rich in starch like carrots or peas

Beverages are concentrated with sugar like sodas or juices. Even energy drinks are not allowed.


Carbohydrates are dangerous for the diet, but eating a slice of bread in the morning, for the sake of energy is allowed and can be adjusted during the day.

Dr. Nowzaradan Diet Plan Menu

There aren’t any specific sample diets for patients regarding the Dr. Now method. There isn’t a standard that you can follow or a set of rules available online to follow. Diet plans are structured according to the needs of each patient.

These plans are customized to fit a specific regimen and a particular body type which may not work for everyone. However, there is a general idea of what should be included.

  • One albumen and one egg (do not fry) — 105 calories
  • 2oz turkey sausage (microwave or grilled in water) — 130 calories
  • 0.5 low- fat farmer’s cheese — 90 calories
  • One slice cereal toast — 90 calories
  • Unlimited Black low, sugarless  tea, water

Total Meal calories: 405

  • 2 cups spinach — 40 calories
  • One cans tuna in water  — 200 calories
  • Two carrots — 60 calories
  • 1tbsp good quality mayonnaise — 50 calories
  • Unlimited 100 tea, water

Total meal calories: 350

  • 2 cups steamed broccoli — a hundred calories
  • 3oz grilled chicken — 100 calories
  • 1 oz low- fat store cheese — 100 calories
  • Unlimited sugar-free tea, water

Total Meal Calories: 280

  • Low-fat slice of cheese — 60 calories
  • 2o turkey breast slices — 75 calories

Total Meal Calories 135

Total Daily: 1170

Weight loss with NOOM

NOOM is an associate degree application introduced to lower the burden of rotund persons. This app can facilitate folks to take care of their diet and build higher habits to attain weight loss. It’ll set your mindset towards a healthy style and modify your ways of living.

NOM can trigger your food and create your decisions healthier overall. It’ll facilitate folks to attain short and long-run goals by developing practical skills in them. Those that do some physical activity don’t get overweight.

This app is developed to allow people to build a better relationship with their food. You may understand better why certain foods you crave at certain times of the day. The app will help you direct your emotions towards a relatively healthier outlet. This app can help with your behavior towards food thoroughly.

Calorie Calculator

The Noom app has also been known to aid with determining calorie intake. Calories vary from person to person. It could be your age, gender, even your job because of how it changes activity. According to the doctor, women should consume about 1200 calories in one day while men should opt for about 1400 calories in a day, no more. You may also input your finances in the app, and the app will explain what foods you can afford that fit into your diet.

Weight loss with Bistro MD

Bistro MD can assist you in arranging a healthy and organic process diet within a few minutes. A doctor-designed food delivery program was developed to beat the barrier towards a healthy diet. You’ll choose a dietary arrangement consistent with your organic process necessities.

Bistro MD offers one hundred fifty delicious meals ready by chefs to eat within five minutes. If you’re trying to find the most effective dietary foods free from polygenic disease and protein, opt for the eating place MD services.

Dr. Now has introduced separate plans for each male and females consistent with their per-day necessities. His theme presents 1500 calories per day for men and 1200 calories per day for ladies.


Pre bariatric surgery diet plan

The diet plan for different individuals might be different. It is very sensual to lose weight before surgery, and Dr now requires the patient to limit their calories to 1200 per day to achieve the goal. The diet plan depends upon the weight and lifestyle of the patient. It can vary between 800 to 1200 calories.

The patient’s requirement factors to be considered while making this plan are the patient’s age, pre-surgery weight, patient’s goal weight, any medical issues, or prior health conditions of patient and gender.

A patient of weight more than 600 pounds has a higher risk during surgery for complications, and pre-surgery weight loss increases patient survival for any necessary medical procedure.

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a strict procedure. The stomach volume is reduced, and it gets rid of the excess skin. Reducing the calorie intake will help the patient adjust to a smaller stomach. A patient’s commitment is essential after the surgery to sustain good results.

Even after surgery, the patient requires strong willpower and patience. Bariatric surgery is not magic in that the patient does not lose hundreds of pounds of weight after the surgery, but it makes weight loss easier.

Natural supplements

Weight loss with natural supplements

When it comes to natural supplements, these are measures you can take if you want to curb your appetite and your hunger while making sure that your metabolic rate does not become stagnant or slow down.

  • Caffeine is your best friend. Not only will it restrict your appetite, but it can also be quite filling. Along with that, caffeine complies with the 1200 calories diet.
  • L-carnitine is present in various vegetables and different kinds of meat. This may give you the energy you may lack due to the decrease in food intake.
  • PhenQ is a supplement that contains B3, L-carnitine, and other nutrients to accelerate the fat-burning process while also healthily decreasing your appetite.

Dr Nowzaradan Net Worth

Dr. Nowzaradan’s price is nearly $6 million. Dr. Now could be doing surgeries for an extended time; however, currently, he charges virtually $60000 per surgery. However, this quantity doesn’t belong to him. Their money has several shares for these charges for other companies. Thus, and he gets an honest worth per surgery.


You must lose a certain amount of weight before going in for the surgery, and it is essential to follow these tips to lose weight. Dr Now diet plan is a good way for people to lose the weight accumulated on their bodies for years.

The program helps people who have crossed the line into obesity to get back into shape without harming their bodies by starving. The plan creates a proper regime for the patients who use it, making it easier for them to follow.

Thereby, it’s a good practice and good for your health.



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