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running workout

Running workouts you should be doing regularly

Did you know that running is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the US, with an avid fan base of millions? While there are lots of different running workouts that you could do, the following are hand-picked as the ones you should be doing as often as possible.

lose weight without counting calories

Can You Lose Weight Without Counting Calories? Top 4 Ways You Can!

Let’s get real! Counting calories can be a hassle. From portioning your food to recording how much you ate, keeping track of the additives, beverages, sauces, and even the cooking method can overwhelm anyone. But did you know that there are ways that you can learn how to lose weight without counting calories? All it takes is a bit of knowledge and practice.

boost metabolism

6 Savvy ways to boost metabolism and increase energy levels

As we get older, especially after hitting “The Big 4-0,” most people see their metabolism slow down significantly. Although this change may be gradual, a slower metabolism is usually synonymous with eventual weight gain. While we wish we could control things in life such as time, age, gender, and genetics, we always find out the hard way that we can’t.