Boiled Egg Diet: How It Works for Weight Loss?

Boiled Egg Diet is probably one of the most important diets that are recommended by leading dieticians for weight loss.

Moreover, there has been a general consensus among dieticians that this diet can lead to short term weight loss for individuals.

Many dieticians recommend that the diet of boiled eggs with lean proteins can significantly change the way our body functions.

Additionally, there are multiple studies that correlate with this fact. According to one study by Harvard University, diets that involve high levels of protein can significantly change our metabolism and encourages muscle growth.

nutrition in 1 egg

A higher level of metabolism results in a higher calorie deficit for the body which is ultimately great for people who want to lose weight.

Although there have been no significant studies that show that the diet of boiled eggs would lose weight, there is a general understanding among people that this diet results in lower calorie intake, which is ultimately great for the body.

There are numerous varieties of combinations that must be taken along boiled eggs to ensure a proper reduction of weight in the body.

However, it is important for individuals to understand what types of nutrients and proteins are present in boiled eggs.

Individuals, who aspire to lose weight, must be aware of the right combinations, and the food that may spoil the entire diet plan to lose weight.

We shall further analyse the effectiveness and the combination of this diet plan for the proper guidance of individuals who really want to lose weight.

Boiled Eggs: What Do They Really Contain?

Before beginning our plan to lose weight through this diet, it is imperative for people to understand that what actually contains in a diet of boiled eggs.

Studies have regularly shown that hard boiled eggs have many essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. These nutrients are vital for the development and the wellbeing of the human body.

Hard boiled eggs usually contain vitamin A, B2, B5, and B12. They also contain traces of elements like Phosphorous and Selenium, which are vital sources for the functioning of the human body.

As known to millions of individuals, eggs are an essential source of protein. This makes them an ideal choice of diet to lose weight.

According to data published by leading dieticians, a 50 grams egg contains around 6.3 grams of protein.

A high protein diet encourages the growth of muscles, which are eventually ideal for people who aspire to lose weight.

Eggs also contain all 9 essential amino acids that are needed by the body, as they can’t be produced by it. Eggs also contain low levels of bad cholesterol, unlike what most people think.

There is a high level of choline in boiled eggs that are essential to the development of the human body. All in all, it can be safely concluded that a diet of boiled eggs forms an essential part of a balanced diet.

If the diet plan of boiled eggs is followed strictly and rigorously, it can produce efficient results for the body and may lead to short term weight loss.

How Long it Takes for the Results?


Research has regularly shown that a egg diet takes approximately 12 to 26 days for a loss of around 4 pounds.

However, this scenario is an ideal one. It doesn’t take into account other factors, such as the rate of metabolism, resting metabolism, etc.

The entire ball game of losing weight lies in maintaining a calorie deficit diet, which is that your calorie intake must be lower than the total amount of calories you burn in a single day.

For individuals who have an extremely high resting metabolism, a egg diet has shown to reduce their weight in less than 7 days.

Moreover, individuals who regularly exercise, along with maintaining a strict diet plan tend to lose weight faster.

To put it simply, it all comes down to the number of calories that an individual burns in an entire day. Therefore, the diet of boiled eggs, along with a combination of lean protein sources of food is an ideal diet to maintain an effective calorie deficit.

The Right Combinations With the Diet of Boiled Eggs

As explained previously, a egg diet can lead to a significant loss of weight in a human body. However, it doesn’t constitute the entire part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Boiled eggs must be consumed with the right combination of food to ensure a calorie deficit diet. Moreover, there are many food items that must be avoided during the entire diet plan of boiled eggs.

The right combination of food with boiled eggs must be taken in a way that results in a calorie deficit diet.

egg diet plan

Many dieticians recommend an average intake of not more than 2000 calories for an average human adult. A minimum of 2 to 3 eggs must be taken in the complete diet plan of boiled eggs.

Furthermore, the entire day of this diet must be supplemented with a variety of vegetables and fresh fruits.

Some dieticians recommend an additional supplement of lean proteins, which includes boiled, boneless chicken along with occasional salmon on a weekly basis.

The entire purpose of a egg diet must be the overall reduction of daily calorie intake, with an additional supplement of proteins in the body.

It is extremely important for individuals to reduce their intake of sugary and processed food. Sweetened beverages and drinks must be entirely avoided if one is to achieve a quick loss in the weight.

It is quite important to drink plenty of water if one is to seriously avoid any gain in weight. Moreover, water itself is highly recommended for people who want to lose fat.

A combination of low-carb fruits, such as tomatoes, oranges, lemon, and lime are recommended along with non-starchy vegetables like bell peppers, onions, and spinach for a complete diet plan.

As stated earlier, sweetened, processed foods are to be completely avoided, as they defeat the entire purpose of a calorie deficit diet.

However, little quantities of fat must be consumed as part of the diet. Coconut oil and mayonnaise must be consumed in little quantities. Starchy vegetables, like potatoes, sweet potatoes, and peas must be avoided as well.

Additionally, high carb fruits like bananas and mangoes must be avoided in the larger context of a balanced diet.


There is a common consensus among the leading dieticians of the world that a diet plan that consists of hard boiled eggs do lead to a significant amount of loss in weight for individuals.

However, there is some scepticism regarding the long term benefits of a egg diet. Many people argue that the weight loss achieved through the diet of boiled eggs is only short term.

That is, there is no evidence of a long term permanent loss of weight for individuals who resume their normal diet after strictly following the diet plan of boiled eggs.

Despite all types of scepticism regarding the diet, proponents of this diet do believe that it not only reduces weight, but it also improves blood sugar levels, vision, while strengthening bones, hair, and nails.

Boiled egg diet plan

Moreover, boiled eggs play an extremely important role in fulfilling the requirements of antioxidants in the body.

Selenium is an important mineral in the egg that helps to improve the immune system of the body.

According to the American Heart Association, 7 to 14 eggs a week is a healthy diet that can lead to long term benefits for the body.

It is because of these factors, a diet of boiled eggs is a healthy choice in reducing weight.

A 2003 study by the British Medical Journal states that eating boiled eggs is not associated with any increase in chances of stroke.

On the other hand, a recent study by the University of Columbia indicates a minimum of three eggs a day may lead to elevated levels of blood cholesterol.

However, there is a sharp difference between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol.

It is obvious to state that higher amounts of dietary cholesterol may lead to elevated levels of blood cholesterol, but our body mechanism doesn’t work in that way.

In fact, studies have shown that it is usually the opposite. Higher levels of dietary cholesterol mean that there is less production of blood cholesterol in the body, which is ultimately a good thing for our bodily mechanisms.

Dieticians believe that boiled eggs do have the potential to fill up our appetite, which is ultimately an amazing thing for individuals who want to lose weight.

Boiled eggs are a natural source of choline. There are numerous benefits of choline in the human body.

Choline helps to produce acetylcholine which is an important neurotransmitter needed for the conduction of nerve impulses.

Furthermore, it helps to create fats that are needed for the structural integrity of cell membranes.


Choline is an essential nutrient that is needed by the body in a fairly good amount.

Moreover, our liver has the capacity to make choline, but a significant amount has to be supplemented in our diet through the intake of food.

Boiled eggs are a natural source of choline. They fill approximately 50% of the body’s requirement of choline.

This makes an egg quite an interesting diet to consume as choline is found less in organic sources of food.

This also makes the diet of boiled eggs an ideal diet to consume as it fills an important nutrient that is needed by the body.

According to numerous studies, choline also helps in the weight loss of the body, making the diet of boiled eggs perfect for individuals who want to lose weight.

However, according to one study published by the Cleveland Clinic in the United States of America, more than ideal consumption of eggs lead to an elevated level of choline in the body that can lead to long term damages for the human body.

The proper diet to lose weight should never consist of more than 2 eggs a day, as higher consumptions of the egg may lead to higher quantities of choline in the body.

According to Cleveland Clinic, choline has the potential to interact with the gut bacteria, making the blood more prone to clotting.

In the process, a substance called TMAO is formed which is responsible for making the blood more prone to clot.

Researchers have shown that an excessive amount of choline in the human body would definitely result in stroke and kidney failure.

However, despite all the drawbacks of excessive choline in the body, it doesn’t indicate that the diet of boiled eggs is bad. In fact, there are many speculations and the research is still going on behind the consumption of excessive choline in the body.

Many dieticians still believe that a diet of boiled eggs with fresh, non-starchy vegetables and fruits can lead to a significant loss in weight.

All in all, it can be safely concluded that this diet has the potential to lead a significant change of weight for an adult.

Types of Eggs: Do They Matter?

As stated above, a diet of boiled eggs does lead to a significant loss of weight in the human body.

Although the weight loss is short term, a general consensus is that the diet is extremely effective.

However, people often have questions regarding the quality of their purchased eggs when following this diet.


There has been an extremely old debate among people regarding organic and inorganic eggs. Some individuals prefer organic eggs over inorganic ones.

Organic eggs are eggs that are produced when hens are feed with naturally grown feed. These eggs seem to be quite famous among health-conscious individuals who want to lose weight and maintain their bodies.

However, research suggests something else. According to research conducted by the Harvard Medical School, organic and inorganic eggs have little difference in terms of nutritional value.

Inorganic eggs, however, have plenty of hormones and pesticides. Although research indicates that organic and inorganic have little nutritional difference, inorganic eggs tend to have a lot of pesticides in them, making them harmful according to some researchers.

There is another category of eggs known as pastured eggs. These pastured eggs are produced from hens that live wildly.

These hens are often owned by farmers who think that it is profitable for them to leave hens in the open, rather than to feed them.

The eggs of these hens are usually high in nutritional value, which makes them a prized possession among health-conscious individuals.

Apart from the organic, inorganic, and pastured eggs, there is another category of eggs known as the Omega-3 enriched eggs.

These eggs are similar to conventional eggs, except that the diet of chicken consists of high omega3 nutrients. This makes them a highly valuable source for pregnant and athletic individuals.

One of the most important things that individuals prefer while losing weight is the calorie count of their diet.

Conventional eggs tend to have a higher calorie count when it comes to adopting a strict, egg diet.

However, if one is to compare the nutritional benefits of the eggs, we find that the Omega-3 diet has the most nutrients.

This is because, Omega-3, is highly nutritional when it comes to individuals who prefer to have a healthy diet.

However, it is to be noted that in a diet of boiled eggs, almost any type of an egg could do the job for you, and help you to maintain and lose your weight.

All in all, it can be safely concluded that it is preferable for individuals to choose eggs that are organic and omega-3 enriched. However, it is not a must.

Normal or conventional eggs are as efficient as other categories of eggs. All that matters is that a calorie-free diet must be maintained for efficient weight loss.

Common Misconceptions

While maintaining and losing weight through a diet of boiled eggs, it is highly important to debunk myths regarding the consumption of eggs.

Many health-conscious individuals want to lose weight. However, common misconceptions come into their way when they want to follow the diet of boiled eggs.

These myths are commonly the result of long-held false beliefs and customs.

South Asian cultures tend to be more apprehensive regarding the consumption of boiled eggs, as they believe that eggs have tendencies to cause acne.

Although there is some strong correlation to this belief, it is not a fact. Studies do, however, show that overconsumption of hard boiled eggs would result in an intolerance of the body towards it.

This would make the body cause inflammation. Inflammation results in making oil glands produce more facial oil in the hopes of getting rid of facial inflammation.

More oil on the skin results in bacteria and dirt to settle on the skin and cause acne.

There is another widely known misconception regarding eggs. It is commonly perceived by individuals that the egg yolk is more dangerous for the body in comparison to the egg white.

However, it is not true. It is true that the egg yolk has a huge quantity of unsaturated fats.

However, this large quantity of dietary cholesterol doesn’t indicate the fact that this would lead to an eventual high level of blood cholesterol.

Blood cholesterol is not directly linked to the dietary cholesterol that is present in the eggs. Moreover, research has shown that boiled eggs contain less dietary cholesterol in comparison to eggs that are fried.


Research has also shown that blood cholesterol is directly dependant on saturated fats, not dietary cholesterol.

This indicates that egg yolk is not bad to eat, as it is a vital source of dietary cholesterol for the human body.

Boiled Egg Diet for Vegetarians: What is The Solution?

There are numerous individuals who want to lose weight and follow a diet of boiled eggs. However, they can’t do so because of religious and social commitments.

Many individuals who are vegetarians have problems when it comes to following a diet of boiled eggs.

Eggs are forbidden to be eaten among ethnic Hindus, and many South Asian religious groups.

Eggs are a vital source for protein. Many vegetarians find lima beans, spinach, and broccoli as efficient replacements for eggs, but they still do not provide the entire package as a boiled egg does.

Although there are numerous alternatives to protein for people who have such commitments, an accurate replacement of boiled eggs as an essential source of protein is difficult to find.

For this reason, there is a growing trend among vegetarians to leave their obligations for a while to lose weight by following a egg diet.

Boiled Egg Diet Summary

To end it all, it is quite evident that a diet of boiled eggs, with non-starchy vegetables and low carbs fruit, provide an effective supplement to lose weight.

A egg diet is an efficient diet that certainly has benefited a lot of individuals who wanted to lose weight.

Despite being a highly restrictive and difficult diet to follow, boiled eggs do help in losing a significant amount of weight when it comes to following it.

Moreover, essential nutrients and vitamins present in the diet result in crowning eggs an invaluable source of a great supplement.

As previously discussed, the effectiveness of this diet indicates a huge potential for obese and overweight adults.

Research has regularly shown that a diet of boiled eggs has the potential to become an effective diet to replace other diet plans for individuals who aspire to lose weight.

All it takes is a little bit of motivation to strictly follow this diet. At the very end of the day, it also comes down to the discipline which one has to follow in order to lose weight.

No matter which calorie deficit diet we follow, it all comes down to real motivation and discipline.

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