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Active PK Review 2021 – Can This Supplement Burn Fat?

Active PK Review Summary: This review is meant to address your queries on whether or not Active PK does its job or not.

Here, we weigh the pros and cons if consuming it, while educating you on the safety guidelines. Go through this review to know more about the supplement’s composition, dosage, side effects and everything you should be well aware of.

You will get to know all the relevant details starting from what is Active PK to how does it work, how much it costs and whether it is safe using it or not. However, the decision would be yours depending on your body type.


As the summer approaches, it floods the gym with more attendees every year. They’re looking for to lose the extra flab on their body to look good no matter how short the dress is.

However, it is a common thought that working out isn’t enough. It would be best if you had a little something to compliment your efforts in the gym to get that dapper body out.
And so, consuming supplements is one such solution of doing so. One such product available these days is Active PK. It is said to be an APMK Activator that fights your abdominal fat.

The question here is that does it actually do the job? Stick with us to give this review a comprehensive read to get all your queries resolved.

What is Active PK?

Active PK

Active PK is a US-made diet pill that promises to burn your abdominal fat while fighting fatigue. Its formulation comprises only three ingredients that are not found in any other diet pills.

However, this is quite an alarming fact as research proves none of these ingredients encourage much weight loss. Also, it claims to boost natural energy and promote clearer thinking.

In addition, it guarantees to minimize cravings and supporting a strong, slimmer body. However, it is pretty easy for manufacturers today to trick people into buying these supplements by twisting the scientific facts.

Nonetheless, you need to go deep in its evaluation related to the making and effects to be sure.


Active Pk Ingredients

While planning to buy a supplement, the first thing you need to search for is its ingredients. This is to make sure it doesn’t carry any harmful elements that could put your health at risk.

Also, all these ingredients synergize well with each other. All the products used in the making of this supplement are 100% natural and properly tested.

With Active PK’s making comprising three ingredients only, here we tell you all about them.

Quercetin Dihyrate

Carrying anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, it is a familiar ingredient for supplements that produce energy in your body.

The quantity added is 100 mg, which is quite sufficient to boost, generate power in your body. It is a flavonol that is found in various plants like kale, cranberries, capers, and red onions.

Alongside, providing energy, it enhances the brain function as well, which makes it even more beneficial.

Berberine HCI

This particular ingredient takes care of activating AMPK cells in your body that work to generate blood sugar, process insulin, and help you lose weight.

The supplement carries 100mg of this ingredient to keep the supplement well balanced. Various experiments have proven this ingredient to be good for weight loss, and so it is an effective addition to the composition.

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum

It is a herb that has healing properties and offers great support to your health conditions. Basically, it looks after diabetes and carries the ability to fight anxiety.

It is used in the highest amount of 450g in the supplement. However, there is meager evidence to suggest this herb has any medicinal value.

The Pros and Cons of Active PK

With every other item that has its good and bad sides, this supplement is no different in its offerings. Here, we compare both of those sides so you can make your own judgment based on it.

Active Pk Pros

  • It boosts your energy levels substantially and keeps you active throughout the day. One way it encourages weight loss is that it helps you work out with more power without getting too exhausted.
  • It fights your abdominal fat, which is the most stubborn kind in your body. You can try out all your abs exercises but its impact won’t come out quickly. It is the supplements that might help do the job faster.
  • It clears the brain fog that results in a clearer thinking system. Once you’re thinking right, you are in the right state of mind. This assures you are on track working for your mission to lose weight.
  • Its ingredients help you fight stress and stay calm, which is another pillar of weight loss. Surprisingly enough, stress hinders weight loss as you lose your focus and motivation when troubled.

Active PK Cons

  • The supplement comprises three ingredients only, which are not quite sufficient.
  • Research suggests that these ingredients present don’t promote weight loss. The Gynostemma Pentaphyllum fights anxiety while other ingredients are not the best for weight loss.
  • It might be harmful to people who are allergic to certain foods and ingredients. It might even end up taking you to the hospital bed.

Side Effects

Indeed, using supplement is helpful as it helps you lose weight faster. However, some argue that it’s a shortcut when you can’t shed that extra flab naturally. Both opinions are arguable, though.

Here are some scientific drawbacks of the supplement to get the supporters wandering.

  • Every ingredient present in the supplement has its downside. Hence, using it may be injurious to your health in one way or another.
  • Consuming these ingredients for over 5 months can have adverse effects on your body. And so, using it continually might be a bad choice for your health.
  • Consumption of Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, in particular, has a few disadvantages in itself. It increases bowel movements and makes you feel nauseous quite frequently.
  • Having Berberine in the pills means it makes the supplement unusable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. The supplement could bring life-threatening hazards to the mother and baby.
  • Quercetin Dihydrate is, although, a plant it has its side effects too. It could cause severe headaches and nausea and have it all end up negatively for you.
  • Issues like diarrhea, cramping, constipation, and stomach pain are quite common with the intake of this supplement. It affects your digestive system greatly, and so you should be careful while having it.

How does it work?

Active PK is a pill that states to use the human body’s enzyme balance at its advantage for weight loss. It claims to do so naturally and through biochemical processes.

Despite most pills reducing your appetite and facilitating thermogenic fat burning, this one does more. Basically, it deals with Activated Protein Kinase, AMPK, in your body.

The supplement has an AMPK activator in its composition that triggers the AMPK levels in your body. It is said to be a ‘Master Switch’ that aids the function of breaking the fat down.

Ultimately, the crushed fat cells then enter your blood to provide energy to your body. This process doesn’t just keep you fresh but enables you to work out more power and fervor.

It is a process that leads one thing to another, producing favorable results every step of the way.

Moreover, it triggers oxidation of the fatty acids while reducing the energy-consumptions systems. One such process that this process decreases, is the synthesis of protein and lipids.

In case this is all too scientific for you, let us simplify it. Numerous experiments and clinical trials prove how the raised AMPK levels reduce your cravings.

It slows down your response rate to hunger, reducing your appetite markedly. Therefore, this supplement makes staying on a restricted diet while working out easier and more fruitful.

The reduced in-take coupled with a proper exercise regime, this supplement will help you create a caloric deficit. Your workout takes care of your physical activity while the supplement takes care of your diet.

Additionally, this supplement fights stress and anxiety as well. This helps to keep your mental state calm and composed so you can work on your target with a strong focus.

Also, balanced stress hormones make your internal systems function properly. This is in terms of sleep cycles, insulin production, and so much more. Having all these systems under control, your body reacts well to all kinds of stimuli.

Is it safe?

If supplements are safe or not is a debatable topic. This particular supplement is the composition of three natural ingredients that are not quite risky for health.

However, these ingredients are safer when discontinued after 5 months. Also, staying within the adequate dosage will keep you away from any adverse effects as well.

Nonetheless, it is on you to keep yourself safe even if you do get the supplement. Here, we present to you with a few conditions where you should be careful as you decide to have the supplement.

  • Keep the supplement away from children, as its composition could be very unsuitable for their health.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid having the capsules as it could pose serious threats to their own and the baby’s health
  • People with a heart condition or health issues should stay away from these supplements. This is to make sure sensitive people stay away from any sort of health and safety risks
  • No supplements should be taken alongside the medication prescribed by the doctor. It is due to the reaction of both that it might end up bringing negative consequences for you.
  • It is advisable to consult a doctor or nutritionist before having these supplements. Guidance on what you’re consuming and whether it’s safe will only come from experts
  • The dosage should not go beyond 2 capsules a day as over dosage might cause your internal systems to crash

Dosage of Active PK

While using the supplement, it is crucial to stick with proper dosage as recommended by a nutritionist or your trainer. However, the basic dosage involves having two capsules a day.

You need to have it with water or food, whatever you like. Make sure not to have it more than twice a day or over dosage could lead to medical problems.

Also, to get the best results, it is recommended to have the first capsule early in the morning. The second capsule should be consumed earlier at night so the time gap between the consumption of both facilitates the fat burn.

In addition, one bottle carries thirty or sixty capsules in it, depending on the bottle size.

How much does it cost?

Getting Active PK bottles can be quite heavy on your pocket as it is an expensive product. However, as you buy in greater quantity, the per-bottle price will keep going down.

One bottle would cost you $89.95 while buying 3 of them at a time will cost you $242.85. Also, buying 6 bottles at once will cost you $455.70. You can buy these capsules online and use them for as long as you want.

Active PK Customer’s Review

The Bottomline

Weight loss supplements fasten your fat burning process, which is a major advantage. If you’re looking for quick results for the efforts you put in, surely, a supplement is all you need.

However, whether you should go with Active PK or another one is your decision. With this review, we aim to form a foundation for your decision-making so you make the finest and safest choice for yourself.

Considering the benefits and risks of the supplement is not enough though. Make sure to consult with a doctor before adding these capsules to your diet and stay safe at all times.

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